is it against the law to point surveillance camera at someones private home?


i have a neighbor that just put camera up and its pointed toward my home not her own proberty
no im not running naked with windows open. geez ur the type of person i warn my children to stay away. i have 2 teenagers. so if my child washes her car in a bathingsuit the neighbor gets to record this? its my yard

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10 Responses to is it against the law to point surveillance camera at someones private home?

  1. Overtaxed says:

    put up your own camera, with bright lights. if that doesn’t work, put on a mask and get a bb gun

  2. Citicop says:

    Unless it is positioned specifically to see INSIDE your home, then it’s legal. People have no reasonable expectation of privacy while outside in public.

  3. ekim b says:

    Put up a big sign! Express your displeasure.

  4. thenchanted_one says:

    It is an invasion of privacy (have we heard of pedophiles?) to have a camera of any kind pointed INSIDE your home. Call the police and press charges. Request all security tapes as evidence.

  5. anonymous says:

    Hey, it’s nothing they couldn’t see if they were sitting in their yard looking at you. I don’t think they’d be breaking the law, but it is in very poor taste on their part. Poor taste is not criminal, the last time I checked. If you’re ashamed to go outside and be seen by a camera, you should keep in mind that people walking by see the same things and only people will be looking at the video. I would be much more concerned if this was the government setting up a camera outside your home. Have a nice day!

    P.S.: Obviously this guy is a freak, so you should get one of those fake video cameras and point it at HIS house (I assume it’s a guy, because you’re worried about your daughters being seen). I think they cost like $20, and they look real if they’re installed correctly.

  6. tallerfella says:

    The camera is in all likelihood pointed at the perimeter of your neighbors property. Anything that happens in that area would be considered public. The fact that you are worried about your daughters performing a Paris Hilton act while washing the car is a mute point. Tell them to wear some clothes. If you are really worried about this, talk to your neighbor. I’m sure they would not object to letting you see just exactly what the camera is recording.

  7. freshness says:

    I don’t know if that is or not. You might ask them about it. I do know that any camera viewing what is expected to be a private place then it is illegal.

  8. Securicorp CCTV says:

    There is no known law in the USA concering invasion of privacy by pointing cameras at a neighbours yard.

    However, it would be dependent on state laws and if necessary a court & jury would decide if invasion of privacy has taken place.

    Speak to a lawer who can best advise you based on local laws as you do have a right to privacy. You can read about a case in Colorado where a neighbor had problems with cameras pointing at their yard

  9. tim

    First, I assume the neighbour thinks there is a reason to record you.
    Have you discussed the issue with them?

    Is the camera real or a dummy camera? Post us a photo of it and I can normally tell.

    to annoy them back, install a dummy camera looking back and put a bright light next to it. This will be both annoying and affect the image quality of their camera if it is looking at it.
    tim recently posted..How Many Megapixels does a CCTV Design need for IdentificationMy Profile

  10. Scott says:


    thanks for the suggestion about talking with the neighbor.


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