where can i get a security camera?


I’m having a problem with my landlord. In the lease it says he’s allowed to come in my house at any time to check or change things…leaks, lightbulbs, that sort of stuff. But he ALWAYS seems to come in while I’m gone and doesn’t even bother to tell me first. I was gone for a week and before I left I put a thing behind my bedroom door so that it would move if anyone came in and sure enough he had been in my bedroom. When I asked if hed been in the house he said yes bc he was checking for leaks in the bathroom bc of the rain. First of all I’m on the bottom floor. I most likely wouldn’t have a leak unless he had one. I didn’t say anything about my bedroom bc if he’s going through my drawers I want the proof when I catch him so I can turn him in. So where can I get a fairly cheap camera so I can spy in my own house? It would have to be something small that I can hide.

Oh and if you have any ideas on other ways I could catch him please do tell. I already talked to the police and all I need is pure proof. So HELP! I’m living alone right now with my baby and he’s right above me. He’s always in the same old towel and I saw a naked girl on his computer screen the day I picked up my keys to the apartment.
I need to know a store I can go to and buy a camera…can’t order one online. I only have internet on my phone. I want one tomorrow if possible. And yes its legal. The police are the ones who told me to do it. I don’t think he’s stealing anything cuz thatd be obvious I just think he’s going through my drawers and crap but in order to do anything about it I have to have real proof. He had no reason to be in the house. He let’s himself in every time I go visit family which is quite often. And there’s never a real reason for him to go in. Much less go in my bedroom.

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One Response to where can i get a security camera?

  1. Ladida says:

    first off there is nothing wrong with him checking the house.
    But you are saying that he doesn’t tell you before he comes and that he only comes when you are gone.

    Did you ever notice that anything was gone or moved?

    What do you think is he doing?

    Do you think he is attracted to you in any way or do you think he is trying to steal something?

    Has he ever made any rude/insulting/sexual comment towards you?

    If you want to spy on him using a camera you better hide it well. I do not think that it is illegal, but you don’t want to give him a reason, right?

    Also, the naked girl does not necessary have to mean anything, since the majority of men watches porn. But it definitely does not make him seem like a nice guy.

    This camera is connected to your pc via usb.

    This one seems perfect for your needs:

    Check out http://www.dynaspy.com for more offers, they have a bunch of different cameras, even cheap ones as low as 60$

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