How can I set up a home surveillance camera?


I want to set up a home surveillance camera to record 24hrs a day what it sees. I want it to save the videos into a computer, every day would b a separate video file.

Is this possible? If yes, what would be the cheapest surveillance camera to buy? Any other equipment I would need to but?

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2 Responses to How can I set up a home surveillance camera?

  1. Proud Latino/Russian =) says:

    Yes it is possible. Go to best buy or circuit city. You can even try walmart. They should come in kits by the way and software for you to install on your computer.

  2. Mike says:

    You can easily set up a surveillance camera and record the happenings around the clock that happens in your home. Few weeks back I installed a surveillance camera in my home.I bought it as a complete package which includes video recorder,day/night cameras and video cables. It was available for a decent price.

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