Can I do this with a home surveillance system? ?


There is an old man peeping at me and my kids, if I get a home surveillance system and put a camera in the back yard and get the corner(not his whole yard) just the corner that intersects mine to get the proof I need that he is peeping?

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2 Responses to Can I do this with a home surveillance system? ?

  1. Boredom Becomes Me says:

    State and city laws and ordinances vary on what invasions of privacy are. In some places having a camera pointed at any part of private property are off limits. In some places the front yard would be OK, but a fenced back yard isn’t.

    Frankly, it’s just complicated. This is one of those things you need to ask the police.

    I have to ask, to what end? You are basically asking if it’s OK to spy on your neighbor spying on you. If his backyard is OK to tape, so is yours. Meaning his peeping isn’t illegal.

    Again, if you’re really having a problem with it and want to find out when it’s a problem, ask your local police department! This is kind of what they do for a living… enforcing laws and such.

  2. oldfarrrrt says:

    as long as the camera appears to primarily be for your yard and just happens to catch the top of your property separator don’t htink you’ll have much trouble.

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