Name me a product for inside home surveillance. Need actual product.?


I’m a work at home mom. My kids are 4 y.o. and 19 months. I can’t afford gas and childcare and is the reason why I work from home in the first place and no I can’t make a schedule change. My husband usually works 1-2 hours after I start work. I was thinking about buying a camera so that I can watch them in their playroom while I work and see them online. I don’t need no negative comments either. Is there a cheap but realiable product out there that someone can recommend. My husband only started working later now (construction worker) and so I’ve just been checking on them every 10 min but it’s too much running back and forth and I risk loosing my job if I’m not always in position. Please help.

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    3 Responses to Name me a product for inside home surveillance. Need actual product.?

    1. Dave D says:

      I work for a "High end" camera manufacturer for security and surveillance. While our products are for professional security applications, many people find inexpensive solutions through the company I listed above, which is considered low end equipment.
      As far as reliability, I can say with 100% honesty and 1000000% experience, that when it comes to security equipment, you get what you pay for. And that is more than just the product. Support, warranty, and ease of installation are definate considerations.

      Outside of "surveillance" equipment, there are many products that are geared toward exactly what you are doing, that are far better suited.

    2. Jonathan Nguyen says:

      Try [BRINK’S Home Securtiy].

    3. Joel T says: or you can call 1.888.326.6061

      they are also having a giveway Sorry if this seems like spam but I was just flipping through my magezine and saw this and it looks awesome. tell me how it works if you get it.

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