is it legal to install a surveillance system in my home?


I have installed a 2 camera CCTV system in my home that records on a hard drive if motion is detected on the cameras because my cars were broken into twice already and the crook is still at large. One camera is on the front of my home. It covers my whole front yard and only my yard and a little bit of the street. the second camera only covers my whole back yard and none of the neighbors yard. Do I by law have to put a sign out warning of 24/7 surveillance? I live in Connecticut and I searched for their laws and it seems this is not mentioned.
the system only records video. no audio is recorded.

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    8 Responses to is it legal to install a surveillance system in my home?

    1. sophieb says:

      it’s not illegal, and I see no need to put a sign out warning thieves because they will only destroy your cameras along with thieving and that would defeat the purpose.

    2. paul C says:

      its your house you could install anything

    3. Sean says:

      You are recording public spaces. Its fine, IMO.

      Add audio if you want. That probably won’t change anything.

    4. Craig C says:

      No. As long are not recording a public area you do not have to warn anybody.

    5. Homey Don't Play Dat says:

      There’s nothing illegal about it.

    6. fangtaiyang says:

      No, you do not have to post a warning, but such a warning might deter thieves

    7. Crazy Dave says:

      Not illegal yet but I’m sure the government will outlaw it soon enough. They do not want you to be able to video tape them violating your rights.

    8. Noelle says:

      Since it is private property, you do not need to have a yard sign… Although, it may be a good idea to put up some sort of security yard sign as it might ward them off from breaking into your cars again or messing with you stuff (you can make custom ones at the site below – they are who I used for my security signs). If they DO decide to break it, at least you have them on camera this time.

      I would try and find a camera that will move in your front yard – There have been many times where people have broken into cars, but the camera has been unable to capture the license plate number of the vehicle, which doesn’t do you any good. I would also recommend installing motion sensor lights.

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