Surveillance camera for bedroom?


My little sister has a severe addiction to stealing people’s belongings…she’s stolen cameras, GPS systems, 0 keys, you name it out of my room…and then when you confront her about it, she accuses you of lying and beats you up for daring to accuse her of taking things from you. It’s not until months later when you catch her trying to sneak into the house holding your belongings that you have proof that she did, indeed, take your stuff.

I’ve about had it with this sh**. I’m trying to save up my money to get my own car and move out to my own place, and I’m constantly having spend my money to replace stuff my psychotic little sister steals from me.

So my question is, is there such a thing as a surveillance camera that can be installed in a bedroom, and if so, where would you hide such a thing so that she wouldn’t detect it?

If anyone has any cheaper solutions, please let me know! I considered installing some form of alarm that would go off when she opens the door, but she’s got to do most of her stealing when no one’s home to hear it anyway. I also considered a lock with a code instead of a key since she’s a master lock picker, but there’s no use because 1) my door frame is pretty much standing on its last leg from her getting mad and punching my solid wooden door in anyway, so it probably wouldn’t be as effective as it would be if the door frame were intact and 2) those things seem pretty expensive themselves.

Thank you!
I’m not talking about her room. I’m talking about mine so I have it on tape if she enters and steals my stuff.

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7 Responses to Surveillance camera for bedroom?

  1. James Blackley says:

    Do not put this in her room, its a serious criminal offence. Shes a minor, and she changes in her room, any of her being naked caught on tape constitutes `making child pornorgraphy“, and keeping the tapes is `possession of child pornorgraphy`, showing any of the tapes with her naked or half naked is considered “distributing child pornography“

    Making Child Pornorgrahy is a hybrid offence and if convicted as a summary offence carries a minimum of 90 days in jail up to a maximum of 18 months. If tried as indictable carries a minimum of one year in jail, up to a maximum of ten years in prison. Not to mention being put on the sex offender regristry for 20 years.

    If you want to keep your money safe: keep it in the bank, that way she cannot access it. I recommend you buy a safety vault to keep your valuables in, that way again she wont be able to gain access.

    Good luck.

  2. yaya says:

    how about a counter? you know those ones at shops that count people coming and going everyday for marketing?

    then you could see how many people enter the room

  3. candy apple red says:

    Lol. this sounds like a similar problem that I have with my younger sister. D:. I suggest that you invest in a safe.

  4. Joshua H says:

    Yes, you can get surveillance cameras for your room. Where you put it depends on the camera. Perhaps get a clothes basket where you put your dirty clothes, place the camera in the middle of the clothes in the basket with only the lens being exposed. I’d have to see your room, and then see the camera before I could really say what the best method of hiding it would be.

  5. David says:

    Go to on Gadgets.Surveillance.DVR. there you can get any equipment you can use at a cheap price and she would not even know they are surveillance equipment. You can get a ebay account , it is easy. They have clocks,coke cans,small pin size cameras. Teddy bears, picture frames with built in cameras that use a mini dvr card that you use in regular cameras. ect.

  6. sirbobby98121 says:

    You might consider a hidden cam as in the link – might do the job.

    Even if you end up with video proof…what will you do with it? Send for the cops?

    Good luck.

  7. ABIODUN says:

    can i view the image of survellent camera

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