I think my boyfriend has a home made video surveillance setup in our bedroom and bathroom. How can I find out?


I KNOW I’m being watched somehow by my boyfriend. I looked everywhere for cameras or some type of DVR but can only find wires that are not hooked up. I recently saw him messing with our Samsung tv remote in the guide somewhere but he quickly took it off the screen when I came in the room. Is there a way to play anything he may have recorded if all I have is a Direct Tv remote, and a new model Samsung tv remote? And, I flat out asked if he was watching me… he said no and I’m crazy.

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9 Responses to I think my boyfriend has a home made video surveillance setup in our bedroom and bathroom. How can I find out?

  1. mjx385 says:

    Guys who secretly tape their girlfriends usually post the videos of them when they were naked on the internet, so the best way to know if you are being taped is to ask someone who goes to the websites where guys post videos of their naked girlfriends.

    I am one of the people who visits those kinds of websites, so if you will send me about a dozen or so naked pictures of yourself, I can tell you if I have seen you on any of those websites.

  2. J says:

    did you look on utube?

    Direct Tv remote wont help do you have a dvd cd vhs blueray
    check them he mite have left vid in them
    can check his dvd cd collection
    and his laptop

  3. lle1015 says:

    If all you have are the remotes and no outside recording device is hooked to anything, then I don’t believe you can play anything recorded. I could be wrong and I wish I knew how to help. You may just have to continue to search for any tapes or video cameras. It is possible he may have loaded any videos onto a personal computer. Does he have his own personal computer? This is where I would look if I couldn’t find an actual camera.

  4. Bart961 says:

    The only thing I would to find out is if those wires are BNC connectors they are 99% for cameras. Google BNC and try to match it. You could also turn the lights off and take a digital camer and look around the room if the cameras are infrared they will have a glow around them. If he was smart he would only hook the dvr up when he knows he’s getting some ;). As a CCTV technIcian and installer I’m familiar with many types of hidden cameras.

  5. mandy says:

    if you can only find wired mini camera your boyfriend installed in the room, but can’t find wireless ones, you can get a wireless spy camera rf detector to catch it, when it detecting the signal, it will alert you…for your reference, you may study from source link http://www.spytechwholesale.com/Wholesale-Discount-wireless-signal-detector_c25.html, hope it can help you to solve your problem.

  6. Scott says:

    thanks for the information. Lots of wireless detectors there.

    To the original questioner – have you thought about asking your boyfriend straight out if he has installed a surveillance setup in your bedroom, and what he intends to do with it?


  7. mandy says:

    Hi Scott
    If my boyfriend did this like original questioner’s BF, I will leave him.

    mandy recently posted..Fashionable MINI DV CameraMy Profile

  8. Scott says:

    Thats your choice, Mandy.


  9. I would definitely look into getting a bug detector for something like this.

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