What To Do If Your Neighbor is Pointing A Security Camera At Your Front Yard


Home security cameras are sprouting up everywhere, and you may even have a security system in your home. Have you thought about the impact that your security camera may have on your neighbors? Is your camera set up to view your front yard? How much of your neighbors front yard are you viewing?

If your neighbors have installed a security camera that is pointing at your front yard, have you discussed this with them? On the one hand, you may not care, or even welcome it, because then there is some security over your home as well as thiers. On the other, some people feel it’s an invasion of thier privacy, and would rather not have someone elses’ camera watching them. It’s true, it can be invasive, and you should try to find out exactly what can be seen by the neighbor’s camera.

If you feel that you have spying neighbors, then you should definitely take steps to find out more about what’s going on, and remedy the situation in a way that leaves you feeling more comfortable. Learn about your rights to privacy.

You may be thinking about putting a camera on your house to spy on your neighbor – for example, if you think there are illegal activities going on. Be very careful about doing this, and check with authorities prior to setting up a surveillance system on your neighbors house. While it may not be illegal to point a security camera at someone’s house, it may be illegal if you can see INSIDE the house. This would be regarded as an invasion of privacy, and you could be cited and fined for that.

While you do not have to have a permit to have camers on your house, it makes sense to set them up prudently, so that they give you maximum viewing protection, while maintaining the privacy of your neighbors. Make sure that what you are viewing is public space, and you will not have any problems. If you want added security, you could always approach your neighbors and ask permission to observe portions of thier property that are adjoining to yours, so that you get a full view of your yard.

If your neighbor has pointed a security camera at your yard, and you feel it is an invasion of your privacy, you can also erect a fence or plant trees or shrubbery to block thier view. Of course, this then makes your yard easier for criminals to hide in, unless you too set up a surveillance system. Perhaps that is a good idea for you?

This article is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. If you need legal advice, consult an attorney familiar with the issues you are dealing with.

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3 Responses to What To Do If Your Neighbor is Pointing A Security Camera At Your Front Yard

  1. joanne says:

    my fat ugly neighbor put up a camera i hope their not pointing in my yard,,, she doesn’t like me because i take care of myself and she’s fat, and lonely oh-well,,,, under oath she admitted calling me a jew, ect ect,, i thought stuff like stopped, so 2 me she is a fat ugly cow,,, and i will call my lawyer,,, moooooo

  2. Jonathan says:

    If you have a high suspicion that the security camera is indeed in fact pointed at your front yard only and not on the road, you can try calling your homeowners association or local authority and ask them for any advise on what to do. Although this is not considered as an invasion of your privacy, the fact that it is only setup to monitor your front yard means there is something to be wary about.
    Jonathan recently posted..Using Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems at Gas StationsMy Profile

  3. john says:

    get a camera system and monitor there activites, maybe you’ll catch them in the act of a crime, selling drugs whatever maybe they only monitior your house to make sure no one is going to be home so they can act out in a criminal matter???

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