If your spouse got so paranoid that he put surveillance cameras on the house (three) and started watching…?


neighbors on closed circuit TV at home, would you leave. We have been married twenty years and he is having a problem with paranoia. He has seen various drs. and will not admit this is a problem and will not take meds additional to what he is already taking. I cannot live like this. We have an eleven year old son I do not want him exposed to this. He is now about to buy a flip camera to wear in his pocket while he is doing yardwork ON TOP of the other cameras on the house. I feel like I am losing my mind. Should I go??? I am only part time and would have to cash bonds given to me by my grandma years ago that I wanted to hold onto for ten more years (they are past maturity date).
Ummmm. I can guarantee he is NOT on meth. He is drug tested all the time for his job and he is a retired correctional officer, which is part of the reason why he is paranoid. I believe he has post traumatic stress disorder. He is currently on Zoloft for depression. No meth…positive.

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11 Responses to If your spouse got so paranoid that he put surveillance cameras on the house (three) and started watching…?

  1. Marine Wife says:

    I would strip in front of those cameras and give him something fun to look at haha. ;)

    Let him do what he wants, as long as you guys have money for it. It keeps him happy and no fights. If you don’t have money for all the stuff, sit him down and talk about financials. I wouldn’t care if my husband put up cameras, I would simply ignore his reasons and use them to my advantage to turn him on.

    At least you know your 11 yr old son is protected so if anyone breaks in or what- not, you have them on camera. I don’t see this as a negative effect on your son, just tell your son the dad wants to make sure the family is safe.

    & maybe you should find a new counselor for his paranoia, someone more educated in that area.

  2. Danielle Carver says:

    Isn’t him watching the neighbours against their will and knowledge invasion of privacy? I would contact the police.

  3. LEYKIS 101 says:

    YES!!! you should leave!!! METH is a horrible drug!!! METH addicts always think some one is coming to get them!!!

  4. Sheniquah Idiftl says:

    maybe you should move to a better neighborhood

  5. DM says:

    If he wants cameras, let him.

    You don’t have to acknowledge them or discuss things with him.

    What if he’s right? Hmmmm?

  6. 8 says:

    Perhaps it isn’t a direct psychological problem but the effect of a drug like methamphetamine (meth)? Look up the signs of someone on paranoia is at the top of the list.

  7. Poopsie Mellish says:

    We just have some on our doors and some windows, because we have a large home and it is for catching burglars or other creepolas. We neighbors know about them and have the same security system. We are not spying on each other, just that we live in a remote area and if something strange happens, we can contact each other. It is called neighborhood watch. we have teens in the neighborhood that don’t have a problem with it. We are not staring at each other, just if we have a neighbor out of town, we can keep an eye on things. Maybe he has heard about crimes and wants to protect you. Look at what happened to Jon bennet Ramsey! They had a huge Christmas party with tons of people around. If they had surveillance cameras around, that little girl would be alive. I bet your hubby has been watching crime shows and just wants to protect against burglars. We do have a public sign on our street that we are a neighborhood watch group.

  8. Brigette says:

    Signs of mental illness is present here, obviously the meds are not working or there is another condition lurking. I recommend a re evaluation by a psychiatrist. I understand this is taking its toll on you and its not healthy for your son. Try and convince him to go back to the doctors, and then referral to the psychiatrist.

  9. Todd Beam says:

    Brigette that is absurd. Only a psychiatrist should make that call not you and many of their opinions vary greatly. It’s not paranoid to have home surveillance especially today with home burglaries on the rise. More and more burglars are attempting their act during broad daylight and posing as contractors. Surveillance (if setup properly) can not only serve as a deterrent but also provide substantial evidence in court & for authorities.

    Many anti-anxiety medicines are only recommended if the anxiety is NOT caused by reactional factors. In other words, if someone or something is making the patient paranoid then anti-anxiety medicine can actually increase their depression. This fact is clearly mentioned on all disclaimers which come with anti-anxiety medicine.

    I do think clipping video cams on your body is a bit overboard but maybe he likes to play with technology and test its range or something..

  10. Todd Beam says:

    I also want to mention I think the surveillance if placed outside should be pointed down & not be able to pick up neighbors on their own property.

  11. Scott says:


    thanks for your thoughtful comments. You are correct about letting a psychiatrist make a call about someone’s mental health.


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