Neighbor question, is this breaking the law?


My neighbor in the home behind mine has installed a surveillance camera on their house in the back yard. However it is up so high, it looks like if they zoomed in they have a clear shot of my bedroom window. I looked around their house and they do not have cameras anywhere else. I feel very uneasy about it.

Is there laws about this sort of thing?

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4 Responses to Neighbor question, is this breaking the law?

  1. Hd says:

    nothing you can do, just keep your blinds closed.

  2. Melissa says:

    Is your neighbor a creeper? Dosen’t sound like it was placed there on accident. I’d get changed in the bathroom from now on.

  3. Schnotzzy says:

    They may be making , and selling dvd`s of the "action" the camera records , Olga !!

    I`d board up the bedroom window if I were you !

  4. El Jefe says:

    Odds are, there is no law against it. Keep your drapes closed when you want privacy.

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