Should FLDS families have cameras installed in all rooms of the home?


Should a trusted agency monitor all activity, conversations, touching and report findings to the Court appointed CPS officials?

People who aren’t doing anything wrong will have nothing against cameras…anywhere. I hope the government will use this rare opportunity to advance the surveillance of some American groups of interest.
Molestation proof:,2933,358845,00.html

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7 Responses to Should FLDS families have cameras installed in all rooms of the home?

  1. btdt says:

    Isn’t your suggested cure a bit drastic? The harm to be prevented is underage marriage, not tucking babies in bed or playing ring-around-the-rosie. Therefore, law enforcement should monitor local suppliers of wedding cake, flowers, and white satin ribbon.

  2. Lunchbox says:

    Yes, with several in the bathrooms.

  3. dymond says:

    Your telling us all you wouldn’t mind having a camera in every room of your house. This is what you are saying by stating if they are doing nothing wrong they shouldn’t mind.Every human is intitled to their privacy.You just don’t agree with their practices so you choose to watch them conduct everyday chores and private moments? While I agree the children should not be forced to marry at 10 years old,I seriously doubt cameras would help.

  4. Kenneth C says:

    Uh no.

    That is not what our government or this country is based on. I would not want cameras in all parts of my house. I have nothing to hide, but I value my privacy and I do not want some idiot from the government watching me at all times when I am in my own house.

    Now if you can prove in court that specific family was molesting a child. Then I will get behind installing a camera in their house. But I do not agree putting a camera in an American’s house just because they belong to a specific group.

  5. consrgreat says:

    no..or are you willing to have cameras in all the rooms of your house….I do nothing wrong and I am in Law Enforcement…but I like my privacy…

  6. Elwood B says:


    And it should be nationally televised

    Just Kidding….

    I do think their children should be educated outside of the
    compound. The Bible ,though a fine book is just not enough to make it on your own these days. The children should be sent home.

  7. ∞Infinity∞ says:

    This is just freaky. How would you feel if someone wanted to do that to you?

    You must support the Patriot Act, the act that goes against the bill of rights in many ways. This would too.

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