What surveillance policy will be needed in 2020?


What kind of surveillance policy will be needed in 2020?
In the near future, say 2020, all kinds of nanotechnology and other technologies will have developed so much that it will probably be very easy for just about anybody to build or acquire extremely powerful weapons, maybe even weapons that can terminate mankind – if people are not even more closer watched than today. Do we want our government(s) to put microchips in us and put cameras in our homes, or would they create a dictatorship then? How to solve this dilemma? In 2020, extreme surveillance in some form will be needed, to protect mankind against terrorists who want to terminate mankind. But would the surveillance be in better hands if for example instead of the government, the people would govern it all? We could all watch each other. Then no one of us could enslave the rest of us, because the rest of us would discover that in time. This solution is suggested in David Brin’s "The Transparent Society". Is there a better one?

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5 Responses to What surveillance policy will be needed in 2020?

  1. jeremy says:

    oh my god. Are you suggesting a police state? Is that what you are proposing? that is not done in a free society, so if that is to be done, we can no longer call us "free."

    They will microchip me over my dead body!

  2. Dogsnoop says:

    Cameras everywhere……Big Brother likes it.

  3. 1st Buzie says:

    Why don’t we worry about that in 2020.

  4. Official Trump says:


  5. party of.....swine says:

    There will be a law mandating surveillance of all muslims regardless of where they are from and how long they have lived in the USA. The Haliburton internment camps will be completed and all those seen as a threat to our democracy will be sent there. This will come as a result of another attack on American soil by muslims. Muslims will be required to have special IDs and will be on indefinate probation.

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