Looking for a security camera outside use?


I’m looking for a security camera with decent night vision.
Any recommendations?
I’ve looked at these if you know of better please advice. I don’t want to spend alot


I ment to say between these



More details for the 2nd one listed here
I have a video capture card I plan on splitting or networking to my computer. Ain’t got that far yet.
Thanks going for the 1st one unless you say other wise. :) :)
Make that between 1 and 2 both are high resolution? Now which?
Since you say 2nd sound good but unsure of line in I take it that 2 is it since I figured that out.
Now I can only hope they have two of them other wise one of each.
Thanks been working on this for awhile now.

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One Response to Looking for a security camera outside use?

  1. Caoedhen says:

    The 1st and 3rd choices are the same camera with (possibly) a slightly different lens.

    The 2nd choice sounds really good, but nowhere in the ad do I see the most important specification… TV lines of resolution.

    The two slightly different cameras have very good resolution at 420 lines, while the other camera doesn’t mention this at all.

    All come with power supply, which is a good thing. The second one also comes with cables, which is also a good thing.

    Are you planning on recording this video, or just letting it play on your TV? To record, you need cables and power and a recording device, if you plan on using your computer, you need a video capture card. One of the cameras has all this stuff listed along with the camera.

    All else being equal, always go for the higher resolution. Low res is only good if you want to be able to tell that something happened, but you need high res stuff if you want to be able to tell WHO did it.

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