Do you need some kind of permit to set up a surveillance camera outside of your home?



Been having some serious issues with a next door neighbor and a friend of there’s that recently moved out from our back house. Some really shady people have been spotted scoping out our home so I plan on setting up some serious security cams!
:EDIT: I live in my own house in the suburbs. It’s not an apartment complex or anything of that sort. It is my property.


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8 Responses to Do you need some kind of permit to set up a surveillance camera outside of your home?

  1. Dylan J says:

    I work at a home security and video surveillance store so we get this questions all of the time. No permits are required for for any sort of home surveillance systems. You can put video surveillance anywhere with a reasonable expectation of privacy. You can’t focus a camera that zooms into your neighbors window but you can have it see you or your neighbors yard.

    The only thing legally you have to do it let people know verbally or with a sign if you plan on recording them with audio.

    Hope this helps.

    Dylan Johnson

  2. Ryan says:

    If it is your own property then no, you’re fine. No permit required.

  3. MAADDAWG. says:

    i have one at my back door and front door, i did not need a permit.

  4. ez80227 says:

    this depends on your property, the local ordinances and the HOA/ccrs of that development.
    for the most part i seriously doubt it, but simply taking the word of strangers on the web when you dont say anything about where you live or the habitat would be silly…

  5. Mike says:

    if its on your own property, you can do it with no problems..No ordinances apply..make sure you set the cams up when your neighbor isn’t around to see what you are doing.. set some up inside also just in case..again, hiding them so they can’t be messed with is important..

  6. Emma says:

    I don’t know if it varies state to state, but I know in NJ you don’t need any special permit. (Just make sure that it’s not, like, pointed toward their living room window or anything, and that it is only surveying your property.)

  7. Terry Dossantos says:


    No permit or special permission required. As long as the camera or cameras are on your property and only pointing to your property or land then there is no issue. If your camera records a public area or points onto someone elses land is when you start having problems.

    Other than that you are good to go. CCTV cameras are a great way to add protection to your home, the visual deterrent they give is good too. However CCTV sometimes may not deter people from ‘scoping’ places out. Ensure you have looked at all over points of home security and do not just focus on CCTV

  8. Scott says:

    thanks for your reply.


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