How to install home surveillance cameras?



Hi, I recently purchased a house which is vacated at the moment. The house currently has no T.V., modem or anything. What do I necessarily need to do to in order to install and view the videos on my computer? Do I need a router, or dvr??Thanks a lot!


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  1. Think Tankā„¢ II says:

    It looks you have not acquired the gadgets yet.

    For surveillance, you can buy a surveillance camera. They will come with software that you can install into your computer so that you can control and monitor them. If you don’t need to record videos, you may not need a DVR.

    Router? Yes, you need one if you are planning to use multiple IP cameras and you have to monitor them via the internet.

    Modem? Yes, you need them to connect your computer into the internet so you can monitor you camera anywhere you are as long as you can connect to the internet. You internet provider will provide the modem.

    TV? You can also use TV to view your camera instead of your computer monitor.

    How to install them? Everything is written in their user’s manual or installation guidelines.

  2. B.E.I. says:

    Your question is like asking "how much string do I need to tie something up?"….without more details in either case, it is impossible to answer.

    Some surveillance cameras use Coax cable and others use Twisted Pair cable (some are direct connect, and others are network ready). The best thing to do in consult the installation manual for the cameras you have.

  3. Scott says:

    Good start for the questioner. There is lots to consider in setting up a surveillance system. You can find great articles at


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