Home surveillance system question?


I have set up surveillance cameras around my house, and it even record audio. I was wondering is it illegal to record people, and not tell them even if they on my property? I always heard how you can’t video tape anyone without their permission, but this is different as it’s a surveillance system?

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  1. bcnu says:

    Many states have laws that restrict the recording of people without their consent, but mainly their voices (under old "wire-tapping" consent laws). But even in such a state, such as Massachusetts, there may be judicial decisions that provide for common sense (believe it or not). In particular, a business (it has been held) has an almost unrestricted right to use cameras to monitor its own premises, other than areas where employees have a bona fide "expectation of privacy", such as bathroom stalls and changing rooms. Thus, one can expect to find either statutory exemptions or judicial case law that allow video monitoring of your own private property. However, you may still need to post signs (and illuminate at night) indicating that audio recording is in progress, in order to invoke "implied consent" of anyone whose voice is hear on your recordings.

  2. sirbobby98121 says:

    Some states require that all parties be made aware of recordings, others have a one-party rule.

    On private property…I’m not sure. Post a sign: "You are being recorded".

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