How do I view my security system at my shop from my home TV?


I would like to set up a 4 camera surveillance system at my grooming salon. It comes with a dvr and a small tv to view all the cameras. Is it possible to view the cameras from a tv at my house which is 1 mile away. I know I can log on and view it from my computer but I would like to be able to have a tv set up at the house to have the cameras constantly viewing. Is this possible?
I have a mac book operating system that does not have HDMI ports. Am I looking for an internal tv card? What is considered a network DVR? He bought REVO is that one?

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6 Responses to How do I view my security system at my shop from my home TV?

  1. Lake Kori says:

    It is possble, but still it depends on what kind of security system do you have, you might want to check out kings security.

  2. Cupcake says:

    All depend on the hardware, if its a Network DVR, then you need to open ports on your router to allow remote access into the DVR, if its not, then you may have to get a TV card (unless its already viewable on a PC), then use remote software to access it.

  3. Luke says:

    Well you can connect your computer with your TV screen if you have a graphic card with an HDMI / any other TV cable output.

  4. Terry's Lover says:

    You should check out for some cool systems.

  5. David Samhoun says:

    go to or give them a call. they helped me with my security system

  6. Luke says:


    There is a DVI output port. From Apple, you can get
    which allows and RCA (yellow-video equivalent) or S-Video connection out to a TV/monitor…
    which allows you to connect a DVI cable – if your monitor/TV can use that connection…
    which allows a VGA connection more commonly found on computer monitors but finding its way onto many of the better flat-screen LCD and plasma panels.

    Audio will be a different cable… 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo male out to whatever you want… Lots of sources for that, but here is an example
    though this is only 1/8"-1/8" male-male… If there is a nearby RadioShack, they will have what you need…

    Another suggestion is use alarm monitoring system, a wireless system is the best method that provider can support now day, just contact the home security provider and they will instal all you need in your shop and monitor it from your home.

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