innocent 18 year old home invasion burglary ?

my friend was charged with a burglary & home invasion. i really don’t know much about the case but that’s what he was charged with. And he is 18 years old. we live in the state of Florida. and they have surveillance but they don’t have him on camera breaking into someone’s house. all they can see is him standing there. he doesn’t have a lawyer. he has a wack ass public defender and i just want to know what could he possibly be charged with?

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Would these ( SWAT ) Officers be convicted or let go or both?

Updated: Jul 15, 2011 5:58 PM PDT

Three former members of KCK SWAT Team indicted

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) – A federal grand jury indicted three former members of the KCK SWAT team this week, sources tell KCTV5.

The indictments, which include conspiracy charges, won’t be unsealed before next week, the sources say.

The three were part of an investigation into whether money and property were taken from a family during a raid. A sting operation was set up by the FBI after a resident complained about the officers’ conduct.

Surveillance cameras were planted throughout the home and furniture was installed in the vacant house to convince officers that they were serving an actual warrant.

A fourth officer remains on unpaid leave but was not indicted by the federal grand jury in Wichita. As many as 10 officers were detained in early January, but the remaining officers were allowed to return to work some months ago.

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Does anybody see what's happening to America? and why do you except it?

Does anyone notice the government is slowly stripping us of our freedoms?

Did you know that the ‘smart meter’ they plan on installing in everyones home are actually surveillance cameras that monitor the behavior in your home every single minute of every single day?

Did you know that your cell phone is actually a tracking device? Your location is recorded hundreds of times per day.
U.K. authorities are now admitting that every phone call, text message, email and website visit made by private citizens will be stored for one year and will be available for monitoring by government agencies.

The Obama administration is developing a universal "Internet ID" program that would watch, track, monitor and potentially control your activity on the Internet. These "trusted identities" are being touted as a way to increase safety and security on the Internet and as a way to eliminate the need for dozens of different usernames and passwords.

Thousands of "dysfunctional" families in the U.K. are being subjected to intensive 24-hour surveillance to make sure that their children attend school, go to bed on time and eat proper meals.

Nobody is anonymous anymore. The truth is that the U.S. government, governments across the globe and major international corporations have more information about you than you probably ever dared to imagine.

If you think things are bad now, just wait until you see what global authorities have planned for the future.

Are you ready to live in a "Planned-opolis"? Are you ready to use a "calorie card" and to have what you eat determined by a "global food council"?

Facebook is now using face recognition technology. Now, Facebook has even enabled facial recognition technology across its entire site. Facebook can now instantly identify your face out of its half a billion users worldwide. Facebook is using this technology for its new "Tag Suggestions" feature. The idea is that facial recognition technology will speed up the process of tagging friends and family in photos that have been posted on Facebook.

That sounds harmless enough, but the problem is that facial recognition technology has been automatically enabled for millions upon millions of Facebook users but they were never even told that the new technology would be automatically enabled on their accounts.


So if anyone has ever posted a picture of you to Facebook, the company can now instantly identify you through the use of facial recognition technology.

That sounds a little creepy, doesn’t it?

The entire globe is moving in the direction of totalitarianism. Our world is literally becoming a prison grid. Of course those in power say that we need more regulation and more control "for the good of humanity", but that has never worked out too well in the past, now has it?

If you don’t like the direction this world is headed then now is the time to stand up and let your voice be heard. If you wait until they are ripping the last shreds of liberty and freedom away from you it will be too late.
I’m not from the U.K i’m from Canada.

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